Applied Organizational Concepts

In 1982, Rod Hess left Glen Mills Schools where he had been Director of Training, and began his journey on the Path of the Normative Leader when he founded Applied Organizational Concepts, a Pittsburgh, PA-based training and consulting company that specializes in organizational culture change/development. Over the past 45+ years, Rod has helped organizations in the fields of business, education, human services, and team sports, to apply simple, but powerful normative leadership skills to manage the change process more effectively and build a more dynamic organizational culture.

Normative Leadership: The "HOW TO" Science of Culture Change

It is called the organizational culture, the informal culture and the normative culture. It dictates “how things really happen” in your group, team or organization. If you manage it correctly, you can achieve great success. If not, it can destroy you. It takes leadership to change the culture, but most people are willing to just “turn a blind eye” and accept the status quo - no matter how bad it may be. However, if YOU are a leader looking for a resource on HOW TO change the culture within your group, team or organization, then you have come to the right place.

For over 45 years, I have helped organizations in the fields of business, education, human services and team sports to change and develop their normative cultures. My Normative Leadership book/program offers:

  • a leadership operating system for understanding and managing the informal, normative culture;
  • people skills for working with group and individual behavior; and,
  • philosophy to guide the use of the simple, but powerful normative skills.

The Normative Leadership concepts can be easily assimilated into any environment and programs can be customized to meet your specific needs, such as:

For Business:
Culture change, Team Building, Management Development, Leadership Development, Employee Development Programs . . .

For Schools:
Culture change, Management Development, Professional Development for Teachers, Behavior Management Skills for the Classroom, Student Leadership Programs, Bullying and Peer Pressure Programs . . .

For Human Services:
Culture change, Management Development, Professional Development for Direct Care Employees, Leadership Development, Individual/Group Counseling Skills . . .

For Athletic Teams:
Culture change, The Normative Coach, The Normative Athlete, The Normative Athletic Department . . .

For Colleges/Residence Life:
Normative Leadership Skills for Students, A Normative System for Residence Life, Management Skills for Resident Directors and Resident Advisors . . .

Normative Leadership: Timeless Wisdom for All Ages

Normative Leadership is timeless and will never go out of style. The simple, but powerful, "how to" skills will make you more effective in both your professional and personal lives. Learn the science of Normative Leadership and develop the art of being - a Normative Leader!