Education Testimonials

What they have said over the years about Rod Hess and Normative Leadership . . .

“We were impressed with Mr. Hess’ enthusiasm and professionalism when we first met prior to the workshop. . . He emphasized the importance of setting normative behavioral expectations for students in order to increase classroom control and management. His approach was both refreshing and friendly, as he spent a great deal of time interacting and talking with teachers. Feedback from the staff below include direct quotes taken from the evaluation form:

! “What a great class. We received so much great information and ideas!”

! “Enthusiastic. Interesting. Informative.”

! “This approach provides a “win-win” solution for teachers and students.”

! “Rod was organized, prepared and demonstrated a sense of humor and knew his subject well.”

! “Well organized, effective presentation.”

– (2003) Michelle Rimbey/Stephanie Bergamasco, Coordinators

Office of Professional Development, Penn Hills School District,
Penn Hills, PA

“Rod recently presented a “Normative Leadership Training Program” for the sixty-five members of the faculty of Central Catholic High School. He has the knack of being able to present concepts and issues in a non-threatening manner designed to empower the faculty to develop ownership in devising problem-solving strategies to create a better school environment. Whenever a presenter can hold the attention of a group of faculty for four hours of in-service, you realize that he was effective.

– (2003) Brother Richard Grezeskiewicz, FSC, Principal

Central Catholic High School, Pittsburgh, PA

“My experience as a school administrator has provided an understanding that people embrace progress but are very resistant and even loathe change. The Normative Leadership Training experience, presented by Mr. Hess, provided outstanding motivation for our faculty and administration, and it was extremely exciting to observe twenty and thirty year teachers actively involved in the various activities that were part of this training. This program seems to have given us the “missing link” that enabled us to become more aware of key strategies paramount to the successful development of a strong, positive normative culture on our campus.

– (2005) John R. Barr, Administrator

Owen J. Roberts High School, Pottstown, PA

Quality Service…Professionalism…Consistency.
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