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Programs for Athletic Teams 

You know the Xs and Os of your sport, but the question that most coaches struggle with is, how do you manage the negative attitudes and behaviors that some players exhibit on and/or off the field of play?

Normative Leadership gives you the “how to” practical system that will give your team an intangible edge both on and off the field of play.


For College and High School Programs:

The Normative Coach takes you beyond the Xs and Os of the game and offers you a new paradigm – the coach as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the team. Use the Normative Leadership skills to manage your organization and develop a winning culture on the team. From assistant coaches to support staff and players, build accountability and a normative infrastructure that emphasizes positive peer support for preventing and/or addressing negative attitudes and behaviors.

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The Normative Athletic Department: A customized Normative Coach program can be designed that will enable coaches of all sports in your entire athletic department to use the same Normative Leadership operating system in managing the development of their individual team’s culture.

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For the Athletes: This program will help your team leaders to exert a more powerful, positive influence over their teammates. Special attention is given to developing 1-1 skills so they can assist the coaching staff in using peer support in addressing behavioral problems exhibited by their teammates. A modified program can be designed for the remaining team members so that each can contribute his/her part in building a winning culture.

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For Community League Teams: Programs similar to the above can be customized to fit your group’s needs. In conjunction with this, a program can be designed for use with parents.*

This program gives parents an overview of the Normative Leadership skills and how you, your coaching staff and players, will be using them to set the expected behaviors for building your team’s culture. It also stresses the importance of their patience, understanding and participation in supporting you in this process.
* Can be done at the high school level also.

Professional Sports: A program can be conducted for your coaching staff and players. It is also an excellent program that can be implemented throughout your minor league system. (Similar to the above Athletic Department Program.)


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