The Normative Athlete Book


“There is a light that beckons you forward and it comes from within you. Embrace it. Don’t try to hide in the shadow of fear it casts behind you. For, if you are committed to finding the courage to live with an open heart, there is no greater way to love others, or to love yourself, than to fulfill your unique potential, to express your unique greatness and to become the unique leader you have within you to become.”
– Mother Teresa


This This Book Will Show You How To Go From Athlete . . . to Normative Athlete . . . to Normative Leader

As an athlete, you have a great opportunity to play a sport that you love and hopefully, be a part of a championship team. While there are many variables that contribute to the making of a championship team, The Normative Athlete will give you, and your teammates, an intangible edge in creating a winning culture on your team.

The Normative Athlete offers a unique operating system used in changing the organizational culture. Rod Hess, the author, has used his Normative Leadership model over the past 39 years to help organizations in the fields of business, education, human services and team sports, to change and manage their organizational culture. The concepts are simple, yet powerful. They are timeless and applicable to any group or organization. This book will enable you to be more effective in developing and applying your leadership abilities on your team – and beyond!

The athlete focuses on improving both the physical and mental aspects of his/her game in preparation for athletic competition. The Normative Athlete goes a step further and focuses on using the Normative Leadership System to become a more demonstrative leader in helping to shape the culture on the team. The consistent application of the Normative Leadership skills by you and your teammates will take your team, both individually and collectively, to the next level of excellence – both on and off the field of play.

And finally, when your athletic career is over, you will take your normative skills with you, and as a Normative Leader, apply them in the game of life – creating cultures of excellence on every team for which you “play!”


Put everyone “on the same page!” Normative Athlete/Coach seminars can be conducted for:

* Your Coaching Staff
* Your Team (Coaches and Players)
* Your Athletic Department

Seminars are tailored to fit your specific needs and budget.

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