What they have said over the years about Rod Hess and Normative Leadership . . .

“After discussing with you the obstacles we have faced in the past as an institution and as staff, my fear was that the seminar was not going to be as successful as I hoped. Not only did it exceed my and the other coaches expectations, we all feel the exercises brought us closer than we had ever been before. As effective as it was for us, I know our players will drastically improve their knowledge of what they can achieve through the information they will acquire at the student seminar this fall. . . I feel it will be the psychological breakthrough we need for a great year. Thank you for a wonderful and powerful seminar.”

– (2003) Dave Armstrong, ESQ., Athletic Director and Head Football Coach

Thiel College, Greenville, PA

“Rod Hess gives clear and to the point outlines on how to achieve a winning culture. It helped me enormously, even as a player, to understand the “bigger picture” and start acting in a way that will create the atmosphere of winning and sportsmanship.”

– (1999) Korie Hlede, Professional Basketball Player

Detroit Shock (WNBA)

“In this age of sports when many players are more concerned about statistics and individual accomplishments, your book, Beyond Xs and Os: A Coach’s Guide for Managing Player Attitudes and Behaviors on the Team, ( predecessor to Normative Leadership) reinforces concepts of TEAM building and dynamics. The Force Field Assessment puts the entire (team) “chemistry” mystique in black and white form. Your use of the (Polsky) Diamond clarifies specific roles and attributes which are applicable to team building. For me, I find this book must reading for all of my new coaches. Your ideas are what is needed to enhance the level of team sports.”

– (1997) Gene Rotberg, Athletic Director

Roland Park Country School, Baltimore, MD

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