Programs For Business

From high-tech to retail, large to small, every business has a culture. Your company’s culture has a direct impact not only on how you service your customers, but also, your company’s profitability. This is why it is so crucial that you, the leader, understands how to use normative skills to guide the overall “big picture” strategy for your company’s growth.

The Normative Leadership Program can be integrated into your company’s organizational culture in a variety of ways. Depending on the size of your organization and the objectives you wish to accomplish, a program can be designed to meet your needs using the core sequential program. Some guidelines to consider:

Start-up Company: The core program is the ideal way to build your new organization’s culture from the beginning. You, and your team, can work together through the various phases to build the normative infrastructure of your organization so that what you want to happen in the work place, really does happen!

Small to Mid-size Company: Your culture is already set. The Introduction to Normative Cultures Pilot Program will help you to assess your current culture and to define for you the commitment that is necessary in order to continue with the change process. Upon continuation, strategies can be discussed regarding the program’s implementation and the application of the concepts and skills to your work place. As the culture evolves, the strategies can be re-defined to address the “here and now” issues that will surface unexpectedly.

Large Company: The program can be used to complement the courses offered by your Human Resources Department. It could also be used totroubleshoot specific problem areas within departments or groups. It can also provide a consistent management “operating system” that can be used throughout a parent company’s satellite offices. It’s an excellent management development or leadership development program for executives, project managers, supervisors or employees.

“Turn-arounds” and Mergers: The program can help leaders gain valuable information regarding “what is really going on in this organization” so they can devise normative strategies to fix the culture. The program can also serve as a conduit to help ease the blending of two separate organizational cultures.

Note: Components of each of the core program can be integrated into a tailored program to teach specific “how to” skills for managers, supervisors and/or employees such as:


  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Team BuildingFacilitation Skills
  • One on One Skills
  • Decision Making
  • Problem-solving