Business Testimonials

What they have said over the years about Rod Hess and Normative Leadership . . .

“As technical individuals, my directors and supervisors needed to develop their “people skills” and their overall understanding of the dynamics in changing corporate cultures. Rod’s program gave us the “missing link” that complimented our own culture change initiative within the FedEx system. Today the Information Technology team is strong with zero turnover of the 30 managers and less than 2% of the professionals.”

– (2003) Mike Hmel, Senior Vice President, Information Technology

FedEx Ground, Pittsburgh, PA

“I wanted to give you some feedback on your session with six of my managers and supervisors. Every one of them expressed high marks for your session. After they attended your session, they attended a one-day management seminar given by a nationally known firm. Several of my managers indicated that your program was far superior and covered issues that were more relevant to managing their employees.”

– (1998) Joe Karlovits, President

VITAC, Canonsburg, PA

“Most small companies suffer through a period of growth where certain functions like human resources, payroll, advertising, employee training, etc., are less important than sales and shipments. Since Glacier was no different, we called upon Rod Hess of Applied Organizational Concepts for help as our company grew. After the initial Normative Leadership training session, we not only had a “road map” to follow for building our organizational culture, but also a company philosophy and a set of norms that we defined. Now, we have more consistency in our operating systems which helps us to work smarter and not harder. Not only has the company benefitted from the training, but my managers have found the Normative Leadership book to be a valuable reference as they work at becoming more effective leaders.”

– (2005) Ron D’Ambrosio, President

Glacier Computer, LLC., Amherst, NH

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