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Programs for Colleges/Residence Life

The college setting has many opportunities to utilize the Normative Leadership Program. Some to consider:

RA Survival Skills offers an “operating system” that can serve as a consistent management system that can be used throughout you entire residence life system. Managing behavior is always difficult for the RAs. On the one hand they are students, too, but on the other hand, they are managers of their own organization. Learning how to use normative skills will not only give them an “intangible edge” in managing their floors, but also great experience and credentials that will give them an “intangible edge” in the job market after graduation.

Student Leadership Programs: To provide solid “how to” skills for student leaders so they may help to create a normative culture in their groups that helps them to reach their goals and that also reflects the values of the college or university.

Athletic Department: See Programs for Athletic Teams.

New Student Orientation: Teach new students “how to handle” their first semester norms crisis experience. Give them solid skills for dealing with the heavy peer pressure they will encounter within certain social settings in the college environment.

 A For Credit Course: Can be taught as an undergraduate, graduate or doctoral level course. (It makes a great post-graduate course for those individuals in power positions who can influence change.) The normative operating system, along with the people skills, makes for a nice blend of theory and practical skills that will prepare the students for dealing with the dynamics of the informal organization in their chosen field.


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