Normative Leadership Book Overview

“The truth shall set you free, but first it will piss you off!” — Gloria Steinem

WARNING: My book, Normative Leadership: The “HOW TO” Science of Culture Change — and More!, will piss you off. It exposes the truth about our human nature and the dysfunctional cultures we create. It is my updated, definitive work after 46 years as a practitioner, trainer and consultant developing, using, and teaching the Normative Leadership model in the fields of business, education, human services and team sports. It is the missing link that can provide a roadmap for fixing the dysfunctional cultures we created over the years that are manifesting themselves in society today.

Look around you. We live in an out-of-control world today. Our schools are failing, we’ve lost our work ethic, technology and social media have distracted us, common sense has given way to political correctness, self-centeredness, and disrespect, anarchy is tolerated/encouraged by political leaders, our organizations are struggling to survive, and as human beings, we are more divided than ever, and the worst part is that our leaders don’t have a clue on how to fix things. I do. It’s about GROUP NORMS, CULTURE, HUMAN NATURE and PEER PRESSURE.

Group norms are the expected behavior of a group. They are informal codes of behavior that dictate “how things really happen around here” in the group, team, or organization. The norms, both positive and negative, make up the culture and are reinforced by varying degrees of peer pressure imposed by individuals to reinforce, challenge, or “turn a blind eye” to the norm. Negative norms have permeated our society, and a leader who doesn’t understand how to create and manage the “organizational” culture, will be enslaved by it rather than be its architect.

Normative Leadership is an OPERATING SYSTEM filled with HOW TO skills for creating and managing culture change. It will teach you how to consciously maneuver through the intricacies of the informal culture within groups and organizations, by learning the science of becoming a NORMATIVE Leader. The timeless wisdom you will gain from this book will enable you to see the truth of what is really happening within YOUR group, team, or organization. And, after you get over being pissed off, you can devise your normative strategy, implement it, and TAKE BACK YOUR CULTURE!

This 500 page, comprehensive text, is filled with information and “how to” skills that you will use throughout your life, both personally and professionally. As long as there are leaders and followers, normative skills will be the medium through which behavior will be managed.

This book is for CEOs, managers, supervisors, administrators, teachers, coaches, HR Professionals, group leaders, students of leadership . . . anyone who aspires to lead others. Parents, you can even teach your kids these skills to help them deal more effectively with bullying and negative peer pressure!

We face many problems in the world today. But, remember, you can’t change the world, but you can change the world around you, starting with yourself, your group, or your organization. The Path of the Normative Leader is a very difficult, but rewarding path. The world could use more Normative Leaders. Are you willing to take the challenge?

Normative Leadership: Simple Skills For Simply POWERFUL RESULTS!