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Normative Leadership: The HOW TO Science of Culture Change — and More!

-Rod: Awesome reading. Real and to the point! Love it!
J. Gessler, Sales Manager, Pittsburgh PA.

-I have read Rod Hess’s book, Normative Leadership, which lays out what I can only call, the final solution to our current social problems. He is very blunt and honest in his observations regarding the dysfunctional cultures we have created in our society today. However, he offers a simple, practical, “how to” system for fixing things based on his 47 years of experience in the field of organizational culture change. This is a must have book for those who are in leadership positions!
J Kevin Abraham, RetiredSales Executive/Author, Pittsburgh, PA.

-During these times of incredible stress within the health professions, creating a safe, efficient, and effective office culture is essential. Even after 45 years in dentistry, Rod’s book has given me some additional insights into how I can incorporate his Normative Leadership concepts into my practice, and take it to the next level. His book was extremely helpful and I highly recommend it. Great job!
Dr. Robert Autore, D.M.D., San Pedro, CA.

-A Pulitzer Prize in management!
Joe Neilson, Business Owner/Author, Garnett Valley, PA.

-Very enlightening. Provides simple “how to” skills for dealing with the dysfunctional group and individual behaviors that are destroying our society. I sincerely recommend this book to individuals from all walks of life who are looking for an intangible edge as a leader.
C. John Hoch, RetiredFinancial Advisor, San Francisco, CA.

-“Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” according to management guru Peter Drucker. He’s right, of course, and that’s why Rod Hess’ book, Normative Leadership, is so useful. He teaches you, in very practical terms, how to identify organizational norms and the organizational and personal forces behind them and, most importantly, how to change negative organizational norms to positive ones. Hess and his life-long work has been hugely influential in my 55 year career in residential care and nonprofit management, a real difference maker. His book is required reading
Poul Jensen, Former nonprofit childwelfare CEO andsenior childwelfare government official (NYC), andcurrent residential care consultant andadjunct professor, NY.

-Unbelievable! Every politician, law enforcement officer, teacher and parent should read this text. The formula for a much better society is so obvious it’s heartbreaking.
Les Pinkerton, RetiredLawEnforcement/Executive Director, Youth JobTraining Facility, ID.

-Rod has dedicated the 47 years of his professional career evolving the normative culture model. His Normative Leadership book, offers a comprehensive, provocative narrative, that is a must read for practitioners who continue to seek the skills and tools required for the development of leadership strategies which lead to personal and organizational success. I highly recommend the journey which this insightful book will provide
John R. Barr, RetiredHigh School Administrator/ChampionshipFootball Coach/Author, Downingtown, PA.

-I have had the privilege to know Rod and benefit from his work and wisdom. His ideas, wonderfully compiled in his latest book, Normative Leadership, have been a strong influence on my work with individuals and organizations interested in moving from surviving to thriving. I have yet to find a better resource that so effectively supports a leader’s challenge to do the right things.
Dr. William Casile, Duquesne University School of Education, Pittsburgh, PA.