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Have you ever agonized over a tough decision? Questions like: Should I get married? Should I change jobs? Should I buy a house? Should I break off the relationship?, are all life changing decisions that should not be made lightly. Most people will tell you what you should do based on their belief. However, if in your situation, these same people would not follow the advice they are giving you. So, take control of your own life and make the decision that is in your best interest. The Decision Planner can help you do this by taking the guess work out of making a tough decision.

The Decision Planner model offers a simple format to follow. Just write in the question that you need to answer and follow the directions. It allows you to rate the intuitive, as well as, analytical sides of the decision making process. You will list all of the reasons that influence your decision, weigh the influence factor and assess the final outcome. Understanding all of the issues influencing your decision, will enable you to move forward more confidently and make that decision. Once your decision is made, plan the steps to “make it happen” on the reverse side of the form.

You can also use the Decision Planner to help others. Instead of giving advice which could “backfire” on you, take out your Decision Planner tablet and facilitate using the Decision Planner process with your friend, family member, client, employee or colleague. Parents, use it with your kids. Professionals such as: teachers, counselors, doctors, coaches, sales people, managers, real estate agents – anyone who works with people – could benefit greatly by having this tool available when the opportunity arises to help others make a tough decision. At the completion of the Decision Planner exercise, just tear the sheet out of the tablet and hand it to the individual. The decision is theirs’ to make. Your unbiased, facilitative approach will increase the spirit of trust and professionalism in your relationships by having their best interest in mind.

Each tablet contains 50 decision planner sheets for your professional or personal use.

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