Negative Norms Buster Certificate


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When one observes negative normative behavior being modeled, there are three choices for responding to it: 1) to approve and encourage it, 2) to disapprove and question it, or 3) approve or disapprove, but – do nothing. Sadly, most people turn a blind eye and do nothing for fear of possible repercussions. This response only reinforces the behavioral status quo and undermines the change process. Fortunately, there are individuals who are not afraid to demonstrate the courage and leadership to challenge negative behavior. While they choose to do the right thing, sadly, they are often “scapegoated” by the group.

The Negative Norms Buster certificate is a great way to honor and give status to those who make an effort to become Normative Leaders. This 8½ x 11, suitable-for-framing certificate comes with a black certificate folder and is officially signed and sealed by Rod Hess, President of Applied Organizational Concepts, Inc. Integrate this award into your employee or student Awards Ceremony to provide incentive for others to challenge themselves to become the next – Negative Norms Buster!

Certificates with folder: $4.25 Each

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