The Key to Christmas Book



This book will benefit your family or students in many ways. Here are a few:

It reinforces the true meaning of what Christmas is about – giving and not receiving – a
message that seems to be fading in our materialistically-oriented society;
It provides an opportunity for parents, grandparents and teachers to read the story to their
kids, grandchildren or students and apply the message to their lives;
The key can remind the kids to live the “Spirit of Christmas” beyond the Christmas
Season throughout the year;
Teaching kids about the book’s message before Christmas, helps to take some of the
pressure off of parents for spending money they might not have on many gifts for their
It can give rise to a family or school tradition of reading the book and placing the key on
the Christmas tree each year to reinforce living the true meaning of Christmas throughout
the year.
The Key to Christmas truly is “a timeless story for all time.” Make it part of your Christmas

1 Book and gold key in box – $25.00

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