The Helpathy Light


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“The Light of Inspiration for the Normative Leader”

You read the book. Perhaps you even attended some of myNormative Leadership training programs. You have incorporated the model into your leadership style. However, trying to seek the balance in navigating the sometimes, turbulent dynamics of the organizational culture, can leave you frustrated, weary and overwhelmed. It is during those times that you could use a light of inspiration to help inspire and motivate you to apply your normative training to devise strategies to persevere and move forward in overcoming the obstacles you face as you walk the Path of the Normative Leader.

The Helpathy Light is made of acrylic and is 13.5” tall x 11.5” wide. The LED light comes in a variety of colors: white, yellow (orange), green, blue, red, purple (black light) and pink. It would look good in your office or a prominent place within your organization. It would serve as a beacon to remind employees of the training, but more importantly, the “attitude behind the skills.” It sells for $55.00, plus shipping.

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Weight 2.6875 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × .25 in